• Please make sure to read through the FAQ below before contacting us.

    You can reach us via hey@qoda.studio. When applicable always include your ordernumber in the email.

  • Where will my package ship from?

    Unless stated otherwise your package ordered from Qoda will be shipped from our warehouse in Leuven, Belgium.

  • Can I edit my order?

    If it hasn't been shipped yet, of course! Please contact us via hey@qoda.studio with your order number and desired changes.

  • My package didn't arrive or arrived damaged, what do I do?

    Please document your experience carefully and send it along with your order number to hey@qoda.studio. Well get back to you ASAP!

  • Do you ship to the UK?

    Yes, but you might not see a UK shipping option when checking out. While we do offer shipping to the UK we've implemented a 135 GBP or ~155 EUR order minimum due to laws put in place after Brexit. Once you reach this total you should see shipping options.

  • On DHL Express shipping:

    Note DHL Express shipping takes volume into account instead of just weight, which is calculated accurately at checkout. This means one small kit can tip over the order into a higher, more expensive, shipping class. As a rule of thumb, the lowest rate has space for 1 base kit with 1 child kit. One rate up is 1 base kit with 2 child kits, the highest rate covers the rest.

  • When will my order ship?

    Typically all orders are shipped out within 2 business days. If you picked DPD at checkout please keep in mind it sometimes takes a while for the system to mark these packages as fulfilled. If your order hasn't shipped in 7 days please reach out to hey@qoda.studio with your order number and we'll get back to you ASAP!

  • Will I have to pay import fees?

    Any import fees or taxes are ultimately the responsibility of the customer. If you're paying VAT through import it will be automatically removed at checkout.

  • Can you undervalue my package for customs?


  • What is an interest check?

    Interest checks or IC are a way for designers to gauge interest in a product and gather feedback. These are typically accompanied by forum posts on sites such as Geekhack and social media posts. An IC does not guarantee that a product will be available for purchase if there is not enough interest.

  • What is a group buy?

    Group buys or GBs for short follow a crowdfunding model where an item is available at a discounted price for a limited amount of time before it
    is produced. After the GB closes vendors put in the order with the manufacturer and ship it to customers. Because of their nature GBs can be subject to delay.

  • When will my GB order ship

    Because of their nature GBs can be subject to manufacturing delays or other factors. For updates on your specific GB please refer to the
    project page for your specific product. Updates about products will be sent to subscribers of our mailing list.

  • Can I buy an item after the GB ends?

    Typically GB products will have extras made available by Qoda Studio and partner vendors after the orders have shipped to initial customers. These will typically be sold at a raised price and sell out quickly due to high demand and limited availability so make sure you're ready to order when the items go live. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to stay up to date with when extras are available.

  • Can I change my GB order?

    Please contact the vendor you purchased the item from for issues like address changes. Some vendors may not offer refunds on GB items and may not allow combining GB orders with in stock items or adding GB items to your order after the GB window has closed.

  • When will the GB for a product start?

    Updated regarding products will be posted on the product's specific page and made public through or social media and mailing list. Some products might only be available in limited quantity, skip the GB phase all together and be made available in stock or may not be produced at all depending on IC feedback.