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GMK Minimal 2

GMK Minimal 2

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GMK Minimal 2 keeps all that elements that made GMK Minimal so popular as a keycap set: modern text mods, a clean black on white colourway and affordable kit design. The white used is a perfect balance between the very bright WS2 and "old school" beige of CP, it also makes for a perfect matching to e-white boards! In addition to this we’ve also added the option for some alternate accents inspired by the classic RGB modifiers and used the new centred arrows to keep consistent with the centred text mods while still offering users the OG style.

For more info check out the project page here

Compatible with Cherry MX style switches. GMK Minimal 2 is solely a keycap set, unless otherwise mentioned any keyboards pictured are used purely for illustrative purposes and not included.

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